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Saturday Brunch with Crystal Swann Blackdeer on “Why Animals Matter?” February 27th, 2016

“St. Andrews Christian Church in Olathe provided the perfect venue for a recent Saturday brunch of the Dialogue Institute of the Southwest, Kansas City.  Crystal Swann Blackdeer, President of Leavenworth County Humane Society, Inc. shared February 27th on the topic “Why Animals Matter.”  She presented thoughts on animal and human origins, sentience and connection from a variety of perspectives.  Blackdeer encouraged everyone to take time to know the activities and conditions that provide the companionship, entertainment, food, fiber and other products and services they consume.  Informed consumers can then choose to support and participate in only those activities that align with their values of compassion, humanity, and responsible stewardship.  In addition to her talk, Blackdeer brought selections from her personal library for guests to peruse and shared a reference list for further inquiry.  Highlighted selections were When Elephants Weep by Jeffrey Moussaief Masson and Dominion by Matthew Scully.  Films suggested included “Speciesism,” and “Earthlings.”  For other resources, and

Kansas Branch of Dialogue Institute aims to promote mutual understanding, respect and cooperation among people of diverse faiths and cultures.  To learn more, visit, email or follow”

I really loved the setting at St. Andrews.  So nice of them to host the group.  The campus is very welcoming and organic.  I was happy to see the peace pole and the animal feeding stations.  The Dialogue Institute audience was just lovely — attentive, welcoming, inquisitive, supportive.  In my two brunch experiences, I’ve felt so included and encouraged!  I appreciate that.

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