The Peace Garden, fulfilled by the Dialogue Institute of the Southwest in Houston, TX is a grandoise project inspired by a desire to celebrate the possibility of peaceful coexistence among Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Comprising a Synagogue, a Church, and a Mosque, the Peace Garden will function as an educational center, a museum, and a space for reflection. Through unique programs, exhibits, workshops, and services, visitors will be able to encounter and appreciate the faith of their neighbors in a new way.

The Peace Garden will be a unique space in Houston. Owned and operated by the Institute for Interfaith Dialog, one of the premier interfaith organizations in the region, the Peace Garden will host a variety of educational programs that have never been available to the Houston community before. We hope that through these programs, the Peace Garden will facilitate and embody productive interfaith dialogue.

– The Synagogue is designed as a combination of The Great Synagogue in Edirne (built in 1907, the 3rd largest synagogue in Europe at the time) and The Holy Temple in Jerusalem (B.C. 970-930, Jerusalem)


– The Church is designed as a combination of St. Spyridon Church (6th century, Cappadocia) and St. Anthony of Padua Cathedral (1906-1912, Istanbul)


– The Mosque is designed similar to Habibi Neccar Mosque (6th century, The City of Antioch/Antakya)