Raindrop Foundation & Dialogue Institute organize birthday parties at Assisted Living Homes to honor the elderly people in our community. Some of the residents do not have visitors. Thus, this program is a life-impacting event for most of the people living there!

A letter from Elizabeth Conaway, Event Coordinator from Brookdale Rosehill:

 “Brookdale Rosehill, a Continuing Retirement Community, to introduce himself and offer volunteer services from Dialogue institute. They were looking for a way to serve our seniors in our community, and they had the idea of doing birthday parties to help our residents celebrate their special days. Everyone who has come to visit from Dialogue Institute has been nice, refreshing, and inspiring. Our residents have gotten to meet a variety of their members who always come with a positive attitude and smiles, and have wooed our residents by bringing them flowers and inspirational sayings as well. When I transferred from Brookdale Rosehill, Eyyup quickly volunteered for the group to host birthday parties in our new community as well, which is a blessing”