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Lawrence Embraces Interfaith Academy Project by the DIS-Kansas

First phase of the Interfaith Academy Project in Lawrence, KS by the Kansas Branch of the Dialogue Institute of the Southwest is over. Three sessions covering the interesting and informative topics such as “The basic beliefs of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam”, “Social Responsibility in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam” and “The belief in the Afterlife in the three traditions” were held consequently on January 30, February 13 and February 23, 2014. Hosts for the events were the Ecumenical Campus Ministries and the First United Methodist Church.

Interfaith Academy is a Jewish – Christian – Muslim collaborative dialog and education initiative created to foster interfaith understanding and friendship among the diverse society that we live in. Starting March 2, 2014 the next phase of the Project including the sessions 4-8 will be launched. Topics on “Environment and religions in Abrahamic religions”, “The roles of Scriptures in Abrahamic Traditions”, “What does it mean to become a Jewish, Christian and Muslim in the US?”, “Stewardship-Giving in Abrahamic Traditions”, and “Worship and prayers in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam” will be embraced in the upcoming sessions at Jewish Community Center, St. John Evangelical Campus Ministries, St. Margaret Episcopal Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, St. Luke African American Church.

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