Intercultural Trips to Turkey

Dialogue Institute Southwest – Kansas City organizes a number of intercultural trips to Turkey, where American community leaders have visited Muslim, Christian and Jewish religious sites of great significance to all three religions and have had the chance to interact with local figures and citizens and exchange views on the future of intercultural dialogue. These trips have proven to be of great help in presenting people with a warm and friendly face of the other religion, eradicating prejudice and fear from the other and laying the foundations for further cooperation between the communities. In addition,Dialogue Institute Southwest – Kansas City organizes periodical trips to Turkey with academics, journalists, community leaders, business representatives, policy makers and staff-members of the Congress and the Senate. During these trips they are introduced to Turkish counterparts in attempts to bridge understanding and policy gap between the two communities. The participants are also presented with a unique taste of Turkey through the dinners and various activities with private citizens from a wide cross-section of the Turkish society as well as trips to the historic and touristic sites Turkey is famous for.