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An Interfaith Lent by Corpus Christi Catholic Church and Dialogue Institute between February 11th and March 18th

During the lenten season, Christians are called to refocus and repair their relationships with themselves, with others, and with God through the traditional practices of fasting, almsgiving, and prayer. We warmly invite people of all faiths or none to join us on the Fridays of lent to reconnect with our fellow human beings by sharing a simple, meatless meal and discussing what unites the Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.


Muslims, Christians, Jews and all community members gather to find out more about the similarities in three Abrahamic Traditions and to celebrate the differences. This has been the first interfaith Lent event organized in Lawrence, KS and attracted the attention of a great number of people. Corpus Christi Catholic Church shared “meatless meal” on each Friday evening between February 11th and March 18th.  In addition to eating delicious food, participant developed a sense of appreciation and understanding towards one another. The prominent Turkish Muslim Scholar Fethullah Gulen says “Ears are tired of listening, eyes want to see”. With regard to this saying, it was a fruitful dialogue initiative that we hope eat the fruits of in the foreseeable future.

Below you will see the topics that have been covered during the six week interfaith Lent period




February 12

Introduction to Judaism

Sam Brody, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at KU

February 19

Introduction to Christianity

Chase Becker, Pastoral Assistant at Corpus Christi Catholic Parish

February 26

Introduction to Islam

Eyyup Esen, Representative of the Dialogue Institute

March 4

Fasting in Judaism, Christianity, & Islam

Panel Discussion

March 11

Almsgiving in Judaism, Christianity, & Islam

Panel Discussion

March 18

Prayer in Judaism, Christianity, & Islam

Panel Discussion





6:00pm in Holy Family Hall at Corpus Christi Catholic Church

6001 Bob Billings Parkway, Lawrence, KS 66049









  • Saturday brunch with Dr. Diana Carlin on First Ladies in America, February 20, 2016

On Saturday, February 20 I had the honor to present a program on America’s First Ladies: More than the Women Behind the Men. As always the audience for the Saturday brunches was intelligent and engaged with great questions and wonderful conversation throughout the morning–and they gave up time on a beautiful and warm February morning to be part of the brunch activities. I believe this speaks volumes about the community the Dialog Institute has created in the Kansas City and Lawrence area. It was a special treat to see people we have met at other brunches and who have been in our home for fast breaking dinners. I also had the opportunity to see a college friend who is the pastor of the church–Fr. Michael Stubbs. Fr. Stubbs and his parishoners were welcoming to all of us.


My presentation used a quiz about First Ladies as a way of demonstrating that since Martha Washington, these women have made important contributions to their husbands’ presidencies. Just because women were often behind the scenes, they were the eyes and ears for their husbands at social events, they provided sage advice, and many were more politically savvy than their spouses. Most importantly, they were partners in the journey toward the presidency and during it, but each in a way that fit her times. The modern first ladies have a unique platform for social change and to promote important issues that affect average Americans. As we recognize America’s presidents during the month of February, my presentation pointed out that we should also recognize the contributions of the women who shared the experience with the president and the country.

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